Running, Sweating and Hydration

Staying hydrated is an essential part of running especially in warm weather and for long distances.

Running is an excellent workout, and that means it’s perfectly natural to work yourself into a sweat when you do it. Everyone sweats at different levels, however, and some may feel that the sweat is starting to get in the way. It’s not nice when it starts dripping down into your eyes! If you’re finding sweat a problem then here are a few ideas on how to deal with it.

Running is a great workout. It is easy to work up a sweat quickly during a running session. Not everyone sweats the same way. Some do it faster; some seem to sweat in buckets.

Besides potential dehydration, it is hard to continue running when sweat burns your eyes.

Here we go over a few tips to deal with sweat and enjoy your run

Headbands and Wristbands: You can use your shirt to wipe off the sweat.  That is not effective and throws your rhythm off. Headbands and wristbands work much better, and they look cooler.

Headbands create soak the sweat off your forehead and around the skull and create a barrier against sweat running into your eyes.

Wristbands act like a portable hand towel without getting in the way. You can use them for a quick facial wipe as you run.

Small Hand Towel: As effective as headbands and wristbands are, sometimes they aren’t just enough.  A small hand towel tucked into your running belt could do the trick.

Still pulling a hand towel and putting it back could be distracting. You need to find a balance.

Hats:  Hats provide more than protection from the sun. They absorb the sweat even better than a headband.

They create a microclimate underneath that uses the sweat evaporation to keep your head cool and of course absorb the sun rays before they hit your scalp.

Effective Running Clothing: Specialized running clothing is designed to be effective. But they are expensive.

Less expensive workout clothes designed to absorb could work well to keep you cool in warm weather.

Just remember to look for a certain amount of insulation to prepare you for comfortable cool down at the end of your run. The last thing you want is to expose your warm muscles to cooler temperatures at the end of your run.

Outdoor Running:  Running on a treadmill indoors had a very different dynamic than outdoor running.

One element of outdoor running is the breeze that keeps you cool.

Hydrate: Sweat is a good thing, it cleanses the body assuming that you put the water and minerals you lose during your run back.

Sports drinks help, and hydration running belts provide a convenient way to carry your drink.