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Lazy journalism is rampant in this country, especially when it comes to sports writers. Rather then reporting what really happens, many so called professionals report anything that will attract readers, rather then reporting the facts.

Rather then defend myself and my fellow Flyers fans like a lawyer, let me just report the facts and I'll let you judge. If you're still outraged and disgusted, then so be it.

During a break in the action, Sidney Crosby's face comes on the screen. Now without waiting to see what the message was, we immediately booed. This booing took place for all of a couple seconds. It is a natural reaction here in Philly to boo our fiercest rivals. We do not hear that this is an anti-cancer ad until about 7 seconds into the commercial. By the time this message was made known, the booing had already stopped.

Now that you know the facts and if you still think that we committed a major foul here, then please let me know why.

The link to the ad is provided below.

Hockey Fights Cancer 2011

Flyers Win Cup Rematch over Blackhawks

January 23rd 2011 22:50
The Flyers showed the league which of the 2 teams from last year's Stanley Cup finals is primed for a 2nd appearance this year. The Flyers used their skill and depth to dismantle the 2010 Stanley Cup champs in a 4-1 victory in Chicago.

The Blackhawks are not the same team that took home the Cup last year due to salary cap constraints that caused them to part ways with key players such as Dustin Byfuglien and Chris Versteeg, while the Flyers have kept last year's squad relatively intact. In fact, the Flyers have made moves to improve their team by dropping defensemen Ryan Parent and Lukas Krajicek and replacing them with Sean O'Donnell and Andrej Mezaros. The Flyers are now able to run 3 pairs of D-men that could be considered a legitimate number 1 pair. Throughout the playoffs last season, the Flyers were left completely exposed anytime they sent out their 3rd pairing, which was something the Blackhawks took full advantage of in the finals. It left the Flyers little choice but to put the burden on the shoulders of Chris Pronger to play excessive minutes during the playoffs and that is asking a lot of a player in his early to mid 30's. The end result is that it diminished Pronger's effectiveness while still leaving a gaping hole in an otherwise strong team.

It is a new year and a new Flyers team, who also improved their offense by adding Nikolay Zherdev and have gotten additional scoring from emerging stars like James Van Reimsdyke and may have even found their long lost #1 goaltender with Sergei Bobrovsky.

Today's game showed which team is on the rise for this year and which team may have some re-tooling to do in order to get back to the level of greatness they achieved last year.

Without a stellar performance from their young goalie, Corey Crawford, it would have been a much higher score in favor of the Flyers. However, the Blackhawks showed why they are still a dangerous team by putting on some good pressure at times during the game, but the better team prevailed in this one with a good performance by Sergei Bobrovsky and the Flyers defense. The Flyers blocked 18 shots over the Blackhawks 9.

The Blackhawks have had a rough season as compared to last year, but given the talent that remains on their team, they could still pose a challenge in the West when it comes to playoff time, that is, if they make it in. There is still a lot of hockey to be played, so no team should be counted out and no team should be anointed future champions.

The likelihood of a true finals rematch is remote, but today's game showed why it would be a fun series to watch. There is still plenty of dislike between these two teams and it showed with a couple of fights and a lot of hitting. In fact, the hits for each team nearly equaled the shot totals for each.

The Flyers are going to be a dangerous team if they continue to stay healthy and stay hot going into the playoffs.


Leave it up to the NHL and NBC to take a good thing and make it crap. I am not the biggest fan of the Winter Classic in general, but watching my Flyers play in it against Boston last year was pretty fun and it made me look at it with a little more favor.

The Winter Classic this year was so over-hyped to make sure that the world knows all about how wonderful Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin are, that NBC and the NHL forgot to make sure that they had decent camera angles for the TV viewers!

They began the game using one of those overhead Football cameras on the cable that is supposed to follow the action. It was just an average view to begin with, but then when the action was too fast for the camera, we lost complete sight of the play and the dullard NBC producer was too slow to call for the next crappy angle. The angle used for the majority of the game was from the side, similar to the one used during a normal game, except for one slight problem, it was too far away! As a viewer, I felt like I was watching from a mile away. I had to lean forward on the couch all night and squint just to follow the puck.

I consider myself to be a very seasoned hockey fan, having seen countless games live and on TV. Never in my life have I had so much trouble finding and following the puck. This could not have been the type of view the NHL was hoping for to attract new fans.

Then the "coup de grace" of the night was when NBC thought it would be a good idea to show nearly a full minute of action from the famous "Blimp Cam"!

All of this, on top of soft ice and sloppy play, made this the worst Winter Classic so far. It looked like they threw this event together to meet the deadline and decided to forego the important details; similar to when Microsoft spits out a new version of Windows ridden with bugs, figuring they will put out a patch later. Unfortunately for the NHL, patches can't fix the Winter Classic!

To Gary Bettman and the fools at NBC, thanks for a crap job well done!

No Suspension for Carcillo

November 6th 2010 01:38
I don't say it often, but the NHL got it right! They looked at the real facts, rather then looking at the fact that the back of his jersey reads "Carcillo".

The Flyers and Rangers played a game that was reminiscent of the old Patrick Division days. A couple fights and a lot of big hits gave those of us in attendance a great night of hockey. One of those big hits involved Dan Carcillo, the Flyers' best agitator since Keith Acton

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Ever since the 2 referee system was implemented full time in the NHL back in 2001, I have always had a problem with it. In my opinion, it is just another way that Gary Bettman has tried to put his grubby finger prints all over the great sport of hockey. Bettman's problem is that he is not a hockey guy, he came from the NBA, so nothing about this game is sacred to him. Between major rules changes to influence the amount of scoring, to tinkering with the width of the blue lines, Bettman has tried to change everything in order to make hockey more popular, rather then just marketing the sport and letting it stand on its own.

The 2 referee system is one of Bettman's blunders that has, unfortunately, survived to the present day. Unlike the old system, where there was only one referee and 2 linesmen, 2 referees and 2 linesmen now patrol the ice

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Being a Philadelphia sports fan, I have been told on multiple occasions that I donít deserve to watch certain players because I, and many other fans in this city, boo them for poor performances. Apparently, it is wrong to expect the best out of our teamís players and we should politely cheer them, even when they cost games. I have been told countless times that I never deserved Donovan McNabb, even though he was generally supported throughout his time in Philadelphia. Like in all cities, the QB is held to higher standards then everyone else, but in Philly, we the fans are also held to much higher standards, thus we tend to have a lot of national media attention focused on us to highlight any ďbadĒ behavior.

Well now it is my turn to tell a fan base or two what they donít deserve! To the Tampa Bay and Atlanta fans, I say, you did not deserve to see your teams play for a spot in the World Series. Why you may ask? Well have you had the chance to watch either a Rays or Braves home game during the regular season? (If youíre a Rays or Braves fan, the answer is probably no.) Did you see how many people there were dressed as red seats? (Or whatever color seats are in their parks.) These were 2 fan bases that had teams with legitimate chances to win

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Let The Games Begin

October 7th 2010 19:44
This is truly my favorite time of year, when my 3 favorite sports, hockey, football and baseball are overlapping. Tonight, the best sport in the world, ice hockey, finally gets underway.

In the sporting world, nothing is finer then the smell of the ice in a hockey rink or the sound of a hockey stick slapping a puck at a well padded goalie! It is the only team sport where you can drop your gloves and settle your differences with your fists and only receive a 5 minute penalty! What is not to love about that

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Orlando Cabrera after the Roy Halladay's game 1 no-hitter.

On a night where Roy Halladay could not give up a hit even if he wanted to, one would expect the Reds to tip their caps to the opposing pitcher and move on. As a matter of fact, most of the Reds players and their manager did just that, which shows the class of the organization and its employees. However, like all organizations in the world, there has to be at least one person who feels the need to make a fool of him or herself, making all others other in the organization look bad

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The Kolb Era Ends With a Whimper

September 23rd 2010 00:41
The Kevin Kolb era is over (For now). I blinked and I missed the whole thing!

During a press conference yesterday, Andy Reid named Michael Vick the starting quarterback for the Eagles for the rest of the season, signaling a possible shift in the teamís strategy for the future

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QB Controversy brewing in Philly?

September 14th 2010 21:43
If you were fortunate enough to miss the Eagles-Packers game on Sunday, then consider yourself lucky. However, if you had the unfortunate luck of being subjected to this game, then the one question that is probably going through your mind is who will start at QB next week if Kolb is healthy enough to play? Kolb sustained a concussion shortly before the end of the 1st half and Michael Vick came in for the 2nd to nearly lead the Eagles to a dramatic comeback.

Andy Reid answered that question by saying that Kolb is his starting QB for next week as long as he is healthy. I'm sure most knee-jerk reactors would like to see Reid bench Kolb for Vick, but Vick is not considered to be the future QB on this team at the moment, thus he will not be handed the starting role because of a bad 1st start by Kolb, nor should he, until the Eagles change their future plans. If Kolb turns out to be a bust, like many young QBs in the NFL, then Vick is looking more and more like a great back up plan

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